What is amazeme.lk ?

amazeme.lk is an awesome hosted ecommerce that is empowering retailers large and small with their easy-use, easy-to-manage, customizable online shop. amazeme.lk gives you control over your look and feel and allow you to add products, manage your inventory, track sales and more. Its hassle-free ecommerce, letting you focus on improving other parts of your business.

As both ecommerce and official amazeme.lk experts? , we focus on maximizing amazeme.lk features to help drive your revenue and improve your customer experience. We'll includepowerful search and categorization so customers can easily and quickly find what they're looking for.

We'll start with the initial design phase of the project to develop the appropriate look and feel for your brand and design hierarchy for your user experience. Then, through a retainer contract that lets us test and tweak until your conversion is as good as possible, we aim to grow your monthly sales by 40% at the end of 6 months.

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