Check out price of similar items and define your price according to condition of your time. Put a little bit bigger price than you expect and leave some space to negotiate.


Make your ad as informative as possible. What are the most attractive selling features of your items for sale? Decide which of these features you want to highlight in your advertisement. Look for classified ads for similar items to get an idea of how they are written.

Follow these tips:

  • a) Create a catchy title to get buyer’s attention. “Nokia N70 in perfect condition” is much better than “Nokia N70”.
  • b) Price should only be included in the title if it is an obvious selling point (It is lower than market average).
  • c) Make your description (the body text of ad) clear and detailed. Be honest in your representation and do not make your item appear better than it actually is.
  • d) Always include the price in your ad. And be realistic in your expectations.
  • e) Use “call for action” phrases – encourage possible buyer to call you (“Call now to 0770 000 000…!)


Ads with GOOD pictures get 100 more attention Follow these tips:

  • a) Put more than one photo. It’s up to you, but the more photos you have – the more successful you will be.
  • b) Ensure high quality of photos.
  • c) Use plain Backgrounds. A plain background helps keep the attention focused on your item.
  • d) Try using natural light when possible, by taking pictures in a nice bright room with plenty of sun shining in. Or you can use a desk lamp to light your item from the front!