Top ADs are a one-time, immediate use Ad upgrade that takes your Ad on the top in your category, just like a new Ad. Your Ad gradually moves down as new Ads are posted in the category.

What are Top Ads?

Top Ads enables you to reach more people by being in the top section.

What are Top Ads?

Top Ads are amazeme Ads which appear in a section at the top of a category's page for seven, fourteen or twenty one days. More people read and reply to these Ads because of their prominent position on top of category listings. Top Ad costs a small fee.

What are the benefits Top Ads?

Top Ads tend to receive more replies than other Ads on amazeme. This helps you sell an item quicker and get more exposure for your service. Top Ads also continue to appear within the regular category after the seven day Top Ad duration.

For how long will my Ad be shown in the Top Ad section?

Your Ad will remain in the Top Ad section for 7, 14 or 21 days. Can I make an Ad a Top Ad in more than one category? No. You cannot duplicate ads across categories.

How many Top Ads are displayed at one time?

You may see between 0 and 4 Top Ads at a time. If there are more than 5 Ads which were paid to appear as Top Ads in a category, then the extra Top Ads will be shown on the date order and randomly.


Highlight Ads are amazeme Ads where the seller has indicated that they want to sell their item quickly. Ads with the Top Ad stand out from all others in a category because of their different look


Top Highlighted ADS gives extra visual boost to your ad by Top & Highlighting it in yellow to stand out. Top Highlighted Ads are definitely more noticeable than Regular ones, Top ADS & highlighted. With this, take notice of your ad, driving them to click and view it!